Talent - Ziwei Wang
Producer - Chelsea Singh [Filmmakers London]
Director - Linda Lee
DOP - Raphael Carpenter
Distribution - YouTube

Filming locations - China Town, London, United Kingdom

We heard about Ziwei before and for the very 1st time we saw him played live performance in one of London's Church in 2022 - that was amazing! Humble boy, very friendly, smiled and just start playing piano like he is doing it for 25 years! We decided to support this young genius. With support from local businesses in China Town/London (Special Thanks to the owner of Jinli Restaurant) we organized filming.

Unfortunatelly the sound was recorded by extarnal mics (we wanted to capture audiens reactions) and there was team of Bikers passing by so there is a little disruption.

Thank you very much for all people who make this happen.

Here you can find some BTS photos and final video premiered on Filmmakers London YouTube Channel.