Singer - Azeem Dar
Music - Hassan Turk
Cast - Azeem Dar & Anastasia Mason
Producer - Chelsea Singh [Filmmakers London]
Director - Raphael Carpenter
Associate Director - Naaz Kazi
Production Manager - Shahid Khan
Studio - Sound Tuning Music
Distribution - Zee Music Company

Filming locations - London, United Kingdom

12th Dec 2022 Azeem Dar came from Dubai to UK early morning and weather was very cold - that was a week where temperatures reached -5deg and heavy snow covered most of the cities. Meeting with our creatives has held in our headquatter in Watford and straight after we start preparations for filming.

As we knew the day light will be gone around 5pm so good time-planning was very important for all of us. After all wardrobe alternations we set the call time for next day 8am.
Next morning all crew and cast arrived on time (amazing!) and we could start filming despite (very cold weather).
Thank you very much for all people who make this happen.

Here you can find some BTS photos and final video premiered on ZeeMusic YouTube Channel.